The story of Ahmed Al Sayid Ahmed.

The story of Ahmed Al Sayid Ahmed.

He was born on 30/6/2006 with Syrian nationality, and the only brother to three sisters. He came to Lebanon because of the tragic situation in Syria. In the first month of April ,he joined the Church educational service we have in the Evangelical Church in Tyre. Though he was nine years old, he was known for his quite nature, and distinguished kindness.
Over the two months, he was a good example of an ideal and polite student whom everyone liked when first dealing with him. This is a testimony of all his teachers who had dealt with him in the church. Ahmed had expressed his admiration and love for the church’s school when he asked his parents to quit the ordinary school for the Syrian students and to continue going to the church’s school.
Besides learning the scientific subjects that he received at school,Ahmed learned with his fellow the Christian and human values, and was able to competently memorize a lot of Bible verses. During the prayer in the church at the beginning of each day, Ahmed used to stand like an angel among boys. Looking at the pictures taken during these prayers, you can notice this with great clarity.
In a black day (05/19/2016) we received the bad news, which broke all of our hearts, that Ahmed died !!!! After being run over by a speeding car near his home two days before his death. We were deeply moved by the news of his death, it was a great shock to me and to his teachers as well.
When we gave what had happened another thought , and when we tried to read it from another perspective, we discovered that we have played an important role without knowing .. The hands of God have arranged that Ahmed comes to the church, to learn about the Christ, the values of love, forgiveness, tolerance, and pray with us in the Church, and memories verses from the word of God. God was preparing this little heart to receive a special gift. Goodbye Ahmed, we will not forget your picture as you were praying with us in all seriousness in the house of the Lord. Our prayers are with his mother, father, sisters, and his family, that the Lord condolence them. And our pledge to remain in touch with them and pray for them

rev. Ameer Eshak


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