the Incarnation

the Incarnation

“The Word became flesh, and made his dwelling among us.” (John 1:14)

By Scott Parker

This event we Christians call “the Incarnation” this belief that the Living God took on human flesh. It defies logic, and I confess my inability to explain exactly how, if true, that God did this. 
But I think I understand WHY God did this: I love Edmond Rostand’s great play Cyrano DeBergerac. Cyrano is this soldier/poet with a famously large nose. He loves the beautiful Roxanne, but is afraid to express his love. Cyrano’s fellow soldier Christian also wants to court Roxanne, so Cyrano decides to use Christian as a channel for his pent-up passion. Cyrano begins writing exquisite love letters to Roxanne–signed with Christian’s name. Cyrano’s words win the heart of Roxanne, but she believes
they are from Christian. The central scene is this: Roxanne is in her balcony, while Cyrano is
on the ground below, melting her heart with his words of love words of HIS love for her—all the while Roxanne believes that it is Christian: because Cyrano’s face is hidden by the shadows.
This is a TRAGEDY: Roxanne is loved by someone who would cherish her and cause her life to blossom—but she never learns the identity of this someone-until 20 years later upon Cyrano’s death. She spends her life not knowing the true name of the one who loves her —because he refuses to step out from behind the shadows. It is tragic.
Imagine a world full of people who are deeply loved with a perfect, holy love—what if the people of that world were to go about their days completely unaware of the God who loves them-unaware of his
name. It would be tragic. I believe that God refuses for the story of the world to end like the story of Cyrano. By taking on human flesh, GOD STEPS OUT FROM BEHIND THE SHADOWS
The Word, the God who has created us, held us, loved us, wants to be more in our lives than just words spoken from behind the shadows, more than just a vague higher power. When a baby was born in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago, and given the name Jesus, I believe that God stepped out from behind the shadows-So that we could know the name of love-the name of the one who loves us.



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