The Evangelical Geriatric Care and Physio – Therapy center in Homs

It’s Motto:
Christian love is love in action. “My children, our love should not be just words and talk; it must be true love, which shows itself in action” (john 1-3:18).
It’s Mission:
From the concept of Christian Love in Action, and on the footsteps of Jesus “who went about doing good”, this institution was established to render a humanitarian service that became badly needed by the Syrian community.
The center lends a helping hand to the needy who require that service, and relies on generous donors to help it continue carrying out its mission.
It’s Objective:
To give care to the elderly with love and respect, from all religions without discrimination, and to make their to stay add life to years.
It’s Building:
Consist of four stories, three of which are now used for housing 27 residents and services, as well as the physio – Therapy section. The fourth shall soon be made ready to receive the increasing number of applicants. Total: 40 beds.
Bedrooms are single and double, each with a bathroom equipped with standard nursing homes safety devices. In addition, there are apartments that have one or two bedrooms with a bathroom and a kitchenette.
It’s Sections:
The center has two sections:
– Geriatric Care Section.
– Physio – Therapy Section

Both are headed by a nun, from the “Sisters of the Two Holy Hearts”, specialized in Geriatric Care and Physio Therapy from France and Canada.

Geriatric Care Section:
This section is run by a registered nurse, a nun from the same Sisterhood, who has long experience in Geriatric Care.
It operates on a 24 hour basis and answers calls for assistance at any time through the Nurse Call System in the rooms and bathrooms.
The Center is trying to obtain a personal wireless Nurse Call system to enable residents call for assistance from wherever they might be in the area of the Center.
The Physio-Therapy Section:
This section serves residents as well as outsiders of any age and for whatever treatment. It is equipped with various types of modern equipment. Hydro – Therapy shall be available soon.
The Center has recently engaged a French Therapist to work in the section and train the Center’s Therapists in the most advanced types of treatment, as from 1/1/04.
Health Care:
A visiting M.D looks after the health of residents and treats those who need treatment. The nursing staff give the medicines regularly and inform physician of developments.
In emergency, the Center’s Physician, or the patient’s physician, is called. If he recommends hospital treatment, the patient is moved to the one pre – chosen by his family, and the family informed.
The center is trying to own an ambulance for faster transfer. In the case of the elderly every minute counts. The Association relies on benevolent donors to help it achieve that goal.
The Center follows the advice of the center’s physician, a dietitian, and whatever is published on the internet on the subject of geriatric dieting, in order to keep residents fit but not obese.

Center’s Garden:
The Center’s garden forms an essential part of the geriatric care. There, residents enjoy happy hours in its sun and shade and gain what health benefits nature gives.