“… That they all be one”

“… That they all be one”

“… That they all be one”

Rev. Joseph Kassab, General Secretary of the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon, accompanied by Rev. Mufeed Qara Jeili and Preacher Najla Kassab, paid a church visit to two church bodies in Germany: the Lutheran Church, and the Reformed Evangelical Church, in the framework of building partnership with the Synod, and standing up for the Synod churches. The Synod Team surveyed the state of Synod churches in Syria, and the sufferings of people



as a result of the cruel/unjust war on Syria. They also elucidated the Synod’s distinguished educational ministry through its schools in Syria & Lebanon.


The Team’s visit to the two German churches came as an aftermath to their participation in the Consultation which the Synod held, with its partners, in the Choueir Center, in April 2016.


At the end of the Team’s visit, both Bishop Ralph Meister , the Bishop of the Lutheran Church in Hanover, and Rev. Martin Heimbucher, President of the Reformed Evangelical Church in Germany, affirmed their churches’ desire to deepen Partnership with the Synod, and support for its Ministry, and its churches in Syria, particularly the Synod’s Educational Ministry through its schools.


In Hanover, explaining the plight of Syrians and churches, and the Synod’s ministry amidst