The National Evangelical Church in Minyara

The village of  Minyara is located in the district of Akkar, North Lebanon, the number of its inhabitants is 3000 to 4000 people.  A large number of its population reside in Tripoli, Beirut or other Lebanese regions, and a greater number live abroad.

Minyara is characterized by its large diversification, so,despite that all of its population is Christian, people belong to a variety of denominations including besides Presbyterians, Greek Orthodox, Greek Catholics, Maronites, and Baptists. At the heart of this fact was born and grew and continued the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Meniara.

Its foundation dates back to the year 1880, its first pastor was Rev. Elias Makhoul Atieh (took office in 1886), and the first elder was Ishaq al Maqdisi (ordained in 1889).

Over its hundred and twenty four years, twenty-five pastors and about seventy elders alternated on the service of the church, and during its long history, it has provided a lot of spiritual and social services for the region. The most important of these is the school that was teaching in English and Arabic, and that has served the region and that, despite the limited potentials that were available to it, graduated many of its outstanding sons for more than seventy years, until it closed down at the beginning of the 1970s.

The number of Evangelical Presbyterians in Minyara exceeds 400 people, of whom about 270 are active members of the church. The church however is characterized by the high proportion of young members active in its life and by the large proportion of youth in the public worship on Sunday morning.

Concerning the church activities, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church was and is still alive and active. Its most important activities are: the Sunday morning public worship meeting, Bible study meetings, the ladies assembly meeting, youth meetings, and the Sunday school meetings and activities.

The church activities in Minyara go beyond the spiritual meetings to include: holding educational courses and sessions to teach computer and Internet, charitable Kermes activities, games and other. The church also holds many special activities like concerts, plays, love meals and daytrips. Besides, Meniara church has always been active in the various activities of the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon. It remains to said that the church of Minyara  was always characterized by its good ecumenical relations with the various denominations in the village and its active participation in the life of the inhabitants.