Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Mharda

The Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Mharda is one of the churches of the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon.

The church has an important role and function in the community with its various groups and social classes, scientific, cultural and political milieus; in addition to all its ecclesial activities that are specific to its members and their families. This includes Sunday school, youth and women meetings, Bible studies, etc…

We build on a deep understanding of the meaning of building the kingdom of God and of the fellowship of believers with each other in the living Jesus, in order to fill the needs of each other and to activate this consignment towards a society of love, security and a world of peace and freedom, based on the principle: You are the salt of the earth You are the light of the world.

Province: Hama
City: Mharda
Phone: 00963 33 730193
Fax: 00963 33 7499470