The church of Jdeidet Marjayoun

There are no written reports that mentioned the arrival of evangelical missionaries to the South and specifically to Marjeyoun. But some resources were found about their work and daily movements that have been dated and recorded such as (Missionary Herolds) and Henry Gesb book (Fifty three years in Syria).

So we cannot clearly and accurately write the history of the churches of Marjayoun which are: jdeidet Marjayoun, borj el moulok, Hasbaya, al kheyam, Ibl al-Saqi, and Rashia el fakhar.

But what helped us most are the books and memoirs written by the National pastors and local elders such as the book of Rev. Khalil El Rassi (memories and morals) or the book of Hanna Hardan (stages of life) and some other publications.

So when we write about church of jdeidet Marjayoun, The only resources were what we have collected from the books of the missionaries and the local pastors in addition to the stories and tales of the adults and aged people.

In 1851 the first group of local evangelicals was founded, and El Haj Issa Hourani was the first who adopted the evangelical faith.

 George Ford – one of the missionaries, supported the foundation of the church and it has been launched on October 1, 1876 and Rev. Henry Gesb was the speaker in this occasion.

In 8 \ 11 \ 1883, the first Presbyterian congregation was held in church of Marjayoun.

Rev. yousef Bader was appointed in 1900 to be the first national pastor of the church. There are several schools that were owned by the Evangelical Church the most important ones are: School of Marej and the school of higher education.

Some of the Evangelical families are: Rahal, bayoud, Jabara, Mousalem, Hadba, sabagh, Qurban, Al Hourani, Wehbe and others.
It is said that Salim Mousalem was the first evangelical who was the chairman of the municipality and nowadays Engineer Amal Hourani undertake this mission.

The war that took place in the south ,as well as the distance of the town from the capital, and lack of jobs, contributed in the migration of a large number of members of the Church.

But we thank God that we are working hard to have an excellent service on Sunday at 10 am in addition to our bible study. We have a great service with people of church and we offer help for needy people. We enjoy the best relationship with other nearby churches.

We wish that God will continue to bless us and our mission, and we encourage all the members who migrated to stay connected with their mother church that rose and embraced them.

The church was served by several missionaries, preachers, pastors and even secularists. But we will mention list of pastors who served and influenced the church for long terms:

  1. Mkhayel Merhej (1884 – 1900).
  2. Rev. Yousef Bader (1900 – 1912).
  3. Rev. Khalil el Rassi (1912 – 1920).
  4. Rev. Tohme Rahhal (1920 – 1934).
  5. Rev.Georges Khoury (1935 – 1945).
  6. Rev. Hanna Herdan (1945 – 1953).
  7. Rev. Ibrahim Dagher (1953 – 1958).
  8. Rev.  Wadih Antoun (1958 – 1974).
  9. Rev. Aziz basis (1974 – 1976).
  10. Rev. Fouad Antoun (1984 till present).