Ebel el saqi

The church in Ebel el saqi

The Evangelical missionaries came to southern Lebanon to find the need to spread the new evangelical faith for people who are thirsty for a renewal spiritual life.

Ebel el saky was ready for this work, where the first evangelical group was established in 1850, which helped in constructing a small-sized evangelical church in 1866. But the members of the church worked hard and built a large church in its place (the current location) in 1938 and its slogan was carved on its main entrance: “Worship the Lord in holiness.”

An Evangelical school was opened in the town; Mr. Yaacob al Hakim was its principal. Haj Abdullah Moussa el rassi was the first who adopted evangelical faith and teachings in the town.
Some of the members of the church of ebel el saki blazed as writers and poets. we mention youwakim El Rassi, rev. Assad el Rassi, Preacher Mikhael El Rassi, and Rev. Khalil El Rassi who  have worked to enrich the evangelical library with Christian songs, stories and prayers.

Not to forget the great effort that Salam el Rassi did to maintain the folklore which  was filled of novels and stories about the Evangelical Church and the pastors.

Some of the Evangelical Families was: El Rassi, Saeid, Azar, Ghattas, Tohme, Sabagh, Farhat, Tayyar, and others.

Here is a list of pastors, preachers and elders that served the church:

  1. Rev. Assad Abboud.
  2. Rev. Amin Abboud.
  3. Rev. Khalil El Rassi.
  4. Rev.Souliman Mitri.
  5. Rev.Assad El Rassi.
  6. Rev. Ibrahim Dagher.
  7. Rev.Boutros Awad.
  8. Rev. Wadih Antoun.
  9. Rev. Fouad Antoun (the present pastor for ebl el saki church).

During the last period, the Church suffered from a significant damage, which led to a cracked ceiling and walls; but the hand of God helped us to reform it in 1983.
Since Rev. fouad Anton handled the church of Marjayoun, the doors of the church was opened after a long period of absence caused by the war. Sunday services returned regularly in addition to Bible study, Sunday school which is suffering due to lack of children.

We must admit that the war impacted negatively on the large number of children of the Church, forcing them to leave their town and their church searching for safety and job. But we are still in contact with them to help their mother church.
We are thankful for the blessings that the pastor and the church is showered by,  and for the elders that are working very hard to reflect the image of Christ in our daily life.