Our Churches in Syria and Lebanon

Churches in Lebanon Churches in Lebanon Churches in Syria Churches in Syria
Aalma Ech chaabAin ZhatlaAin Al Chaara Aleppo
Al Jamailiye ++ Al khiyamAmar Al Hoson Al Ghassaniyeh**
Al MroujAl Rabieh Al Ghnaymiyeh** Al Hafar
++ Bourj Al moulouk Ebel el saqiAl Hasakeh Al Malkiyeh
Darb El SimDeir Mimas Al NabaqAl Quameshli
++ HasbayaKherbet KanafarAl Yazdiyeh Banias
MajdalounaMarjaaounDamascus Edleb*
MinyaraKab ELias Feiruzi Hamah
Ras Beirut ++ Rashaya AL Fakhar Homs Kharabah*
Saghbin SidonLatakia Mhardeh


(*) No services are held in these churches due to its difficult locations.

(**) These two churches are closed now due to the displacement of the people of this village when the armed opposition took over it.

(++) These were never an organized churches. But weekly services were held in these churches in the past, until the outbreak of the Lebanese Civil war. later on, these churches were renovated – except for the church in Hasbaya – but there is no more services in them  because all the families  left the village long time ago.


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