Byrn Mawr Presbyterian Church

Byrn Mawr Presbyterian Church

A distinguished team from Byrn Mawr Presbyterian church, Philadelphia – USA. Visited the National Evangelical Synod of Syria & Lebanon The week of Feb. 3 -19, 2017. The team was headed by Rev. Rebecca Kirkpatrick – associate pastor for mission and adult education, and included Susan Swanson – facilitator of community service programs for students of all ages to interact and help people who are underserved, Rebecca F. Brinks(Elder)  – charged to inspire

young people to live lives of purpose, faith and integrity, Anne Grauer – full time mother and community volunteer –  Carol Cobb-Nettleton – served as chair of the Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church worldwide mission committee, and James Nettleton (MD) – served as Medical Director at publicly run facilities for folks with developmental disabilities in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, New York.  Recently retired from active practice of Medicine.

They were welcomed in the Synod’s offices, in Rabieh, by the General Secretary – Rev. Joseph Kassab, alongside the Synod’s Moderator – Rev. Fadi Dagher, Rev. Georges Mrad, Rev. Suheil Saoud, Rev. Adeeb Awad, Rev. El-Marie Parker, Preacher Najla Kassab, and Elder Mary Mikhael.

Rev. R.  Kerkpartick summarized the purpose of the visit of this Multi – talented team as acquainting Byrn Mawr with the NESSL and its many–fold ministry, and seek to discern possibilities of cooperation between B M & NESSL in different fields.

The Synod Moderator, and the General Secretary explained the diversity of NESSL ministries, and its functionality, especially the Synod’s relief Program in Syria.

Byrn Mawr boasts a membership of 2500 communicants, who enjoy the leadership of 6 female & male pastors. It is befitting to mention that our brother, Nabeel Naji Khoury (of Tripoli church previously) is an ordained Elder at Bryn Mawr.

The team visited the Synod churches in Homs, Fayrouzi, Yazidieh, and Lattakia – Syria.