Al Rabieh


The Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Rabieh was founded in 1992, and is considered today to be one of the strongest churches in Lebanon, in both numbers and quality.  its activities  include all aspects of pastoral and program ministry.  service as per the Evangelical concepts.   The church officially has 258 members, yet a large number of  “unofficial” members consider this their church home. 

The earliest beginnings of this church reach back to 1976 in the house of Reverend Ibrahim Dagher (a former General Secretary of the Synod) with five members.  Due to the civil war in Lebanon, worshipers were unable to reach the church building, which was then in the heart of Beirut. The current pastor, Rev. George Mourad, began his service as an ordained pastor in 1984, and today the church has a broad building with the ability to accommodate about 500 people.

The city of Rabieh is one of the richest areas in Lebanon, and it is located on a hill, about ten kilometers away from the city center. Most of the church members come from the South, North, Bekaa and Mount Lebanon. The church building is now far away from the center of the city, a means of transport is needed in order to come to the church as the closest house to it is about ten minutes away by car. Church members are scattered all over Beirut and its suburbs. Some of them come from Byblos, Jounieh and some others from the Bekaa, Broummana and Beirut. What brings them together is their love for the Lord and their commitment to the church, which started from such small beginnings.. The church is characterized by its incorporation of all ​​ talents, where every member participates with the gifts that God has given him, and feels that he/she is a member in this big family. Despite the diverse atmospheres in our church -since people come from various backgrounds- yet, a simple cup of coffee shared after the worship service makes us feel as one big family.

Financially, the church relies on its members, but because of the civil war and the bad economic situation, the financial intake of the church is less than what it was the past. Typically, few families are in a good financial situation, and most of the rest are in a normal financial state.

The elders of the church meet monthly according to an agenda previously prepared by the pastor. An elder is elected for a four years term renewable only once, after that the person is asked not to nominate him/herself for at least one year. This decision adopted by the church helped to involve young people into the service. Note that most of the church members are young and only few of them are elderly people.

Our church is the only Presbyterian Church in the city that includes a large car parking garage that could also be used for weddings and funeral services. Youth meetings involve two age groups (12-17) and (18-24). We have a meeting for the ladies. There is also in the church a choir for adults and another for the youth. Sunday School is active and contains more than 65 children attending regularly.

The church of Rabieh is a real fellowship of believers and saints sharing experiences with each other. They are a worshiping group oriented towards others. And they also know very well that they are the body of Christ, where Justice must prevail and be lived. Attendance at church on Sunday is usually between 100 and 150 people. In summer, the number decreases because most of the members leave to spend summer in their villages. We have a lot of projects for the future, and we hope to achieve them whenever we get the necessary financial support.