A group from PCUSA visit NESSL

A group from PCUSA visit NESSL

Joyfully the National Evangelical Synod of Syria & Lebanon welcomed a  group of Presbyterian pastors & lay people from the PCUSA, between September 22 & October 4, 2016, during which the group visited most of the Synod churches & institutions in Lebanon; a part of them spent their last 2 days in the Central & Coastal regions in Syria visiting Synod churches & some displaced congregations there.


The group met with the General Secretary of the Synod & few synod offices in Rabieh; during which the group explained that the purpose of their visit is to get acquainted  with the ministry of the Synod, its churches, and their testimony and realities, so that they would faithfully convey to their congregations and Presbyteries their impressions, and what they have seen & heard.


A group of eight of them enjoyed the hospitality of Minyara Church the last 2 days of their trip, to end it in joining with the church in the Holy Communion, as it fell (Sun, Oct. 2) on the World Holy communion Sunday.